Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beautiful Surprise

Welcome to my blog! For my inaugural post, I want to share something beautiful that I discovered outside of my house last week. I was rushing to my car, late for work as usual, when I happened to glance over at my garden. Usually this time of the year, I look at it with disdain and even a little stress. It's overgrown with weeds and to get it into any shape to plant will require at least a day's worth of hard, sweaty work. I'd recently noticed some viney weeds that had grown up my plastic deer fencing, starting to weigh it down. I know this weed. I always rip it out of the ground before it has a chance to make it to its current stage of maturity. As luck would have it, I've been pre-occupied with other aspects of my life for months now. I let the garden go back in June. On this particular morning, this is what I discovered:

Morning glories! Everywhere! They've even grown up into a tree next to the garden and are spreading their glory from 10 feet high. When I saw them, I just froze in mid-step and stared and wondered at their sudden appearance into my world. I had no idea that this prolific vine I'd been destroying for the past two years could produce such artistry. I walked to my garden and observed all the weeds in it from a whole new perspective. Sunshine yellow butterflies flitted from flower to flower. Bumblebees climbed deep into the trumpets slurping out nectar. Then, I looked into the garden full of weeds and saw life, so much life. Perhaps I didn't love the weeds, but countless insects found a home in the plants I cursed and despised. What an enlightening moment! 

This leads me to my first law. These laws will be in no particular order. In fact, I'd say they will just randomly fly from my head depending on what story I feel like telling at the moment. Despite their randomness, they will always be words of wisdom and worth heeding. So, without further ado...

Law #1 - Practice the art of letting go, for it may yield beautiful surprises.

HA! Now that's the kind of shit they should write on fortune cookies!

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